Sunday, September 16, 2012

PAN Paper Architecture Night

Here's the video from PAN- Its in low resolution here on the blog, so you'll have to visit the vimeo page to get the full deal.  We had a lot of fun filming this event and putting together this short video. All of the clips were filmed on the same night, and in doing so, we found it challenging to get all the clips we wanted to grasp the entire event. However, we did capture the feeling of the atmosphere, as well as the people and culture of the event, which is an important aspect to any gathering. If you live on Oahu, and have any interest in cool ideas, architecture, design, hanging out with awesome people, or just having plain old fun, come down to the next PAN event! Its the last wednesday of every month.
Enjoy the video, leave a comment, a critique, or a thumbs up! Keep with blog for more updates and we hope to see you next week Wednesday at the School of Architecture at UH Manoa!

The video can be found on our Vimeo page - ARQUI STUDIO , where we will be also posting all of the our future videos. ->
Kaoru Lovett

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Arqui Fundamentals is a blog by designers for designers... and everyone really. A collaboration of ideas, perspectives, and journeys to share with the world. Arqui Fundamentals will grow as more of us join in on the blog to share with you our lives and experiences. As students of architecture and children of the Hawaiian islands we will share with you our fascinations, and ultimately lead you in our prospect to see life through our viewfinders. Look for the updates on Arqui Fundamentals and check out our vimeo - Arqui Studio. See life through our perspectives and share with us yours!

Kaoru Lovett

Here are some pictures from a recent event we had at the School of Architecture at the University of Hawaii. 
PAN- Paper Architecture Night
PAN is an event for designers, by designers. Much of the work done in the architecture design world is unrealized, unfinished, or merely conceptual, but this does not negate the brilliance of these works. Paper Architecture Night is a venue in which architects, designers, and students can share their un-built works with the community. A night of presentations, drinks, socializing and exposure for amazing designers and their projects. Held on the last wednesday of every month at the University of Hawaii School of Architecture, four designers are given the opportunity to present their unrealized architectural works to the community. 

Keep on the blog for more updates!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm a chicken in the sand box...

From May to August I was out of university and free to focus my time on some personal development. Although at first I felt confined when reminded of my plan to stay on Oahu for the summer, my free time at home helped me to reconnect with the windward Oahu characteristics I fell in love with as a child. The smell of the Poinciana Trees in the mornings, the late dinners that turn into late nights, and the constant small and funky swell in the sand box. I spent many hours at my uncle Richard's farm in Waihole. The hours with the chickens and goats helped me realize my similarities to these creatures. I share their love of sand, food, and company. I made it a point this summer to enjoy these things as much as I could. This video represents a day in my sand box here on the north east side of Oahu. Hope you enjoy. The cinematography is credited to myself -Taylor cook and my brother Wyatt Butterbaugh. Editing- Taylor, Music- Mississippi John Hurt

here is a link for a higher quality video