Thursday, September 13, 2012

Arqui Fundamentals is a blog by designers for designers... and everyone really. A collaboration of ideas, perspectives, and journeys to share with the world. Arqui Fundamentals will grow as more of us join in on the blog to share with you our lives and experiences. As students of architecture and children of the Hawaiian islands we will share with you our fascinations, and ultimately lead you in our prospect to see life through our viewfinders. Look for the updates on Arqui Fundamentals and check out our vimeo - Arqui Studio. See life through our perspectives and share with us yours!

Kaoru Lovett

Here are some pictures from a recent event we had at the School of Architecture at the University of Hawaii. 
PAN- Paper Architecture Night
PAN is an event for designers, by designers. Much of the work done in the architecture design world is unrealized, unfinished, or merely conceptual, but this does not negate the brilliance of these works. Paper Architecture Night is a venue in which architects, designers, and students can share their un-built works with the community. A night of presentations, drinks, socializing and exposure for amazing designers and their projects. Held on the last wednesday of every month at the University of Hawaii School of Architecture, four designers are given the opportunity to present their unrealized architectural works to the community. 

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