Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm a chicken in the sand box...

From May to August I was out of university and free to focus my time on some personal development. Although at first I felt confined when reminded of my plan to stay on Oahu for the summer, my free time at home helped me to reconnect with the windward Oahu characteristics I fell in love with as a child. The smell of the Poinciana Trees in the mornings, the late dinners that turn into late nights, and the constant small and funky swell in the sand box. I spent many hours at my uncle Richard's farm in Waihole. The hours with the chickens and goats helped me realize my similarities to these creatures. I share their love of sand, food, and company. I made it a point this summer to enjoy these things as much as I could. This video represents a day in my sand box here on the north east side of Oahu. Hope you enjoy. The cinematography is credited to myself -Taylor cook and my brother Wyatt Butterbaugh. Editing- Taylor, Music- Mississippi John Hurt

here is a link for a higher quality video https://vimeo.com/47994041 

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